The monasterial diary of Father Joseph Dietrich from Einsiedeln, 1670-1704. An online edition and commentary


The monasterial diary from Einsiedeln, covering the years 1670-1704, was mainly written by Pater Joseph Dietrich (1645-1704) and constitutes more than 12,000 pages in 18 volumes. Pater Joseph Dietrich was not the only author of this diary; others continued his work during his absence. Additionally, he wrote parallel diaries when he was governor ("Statthalter") at Castle Freudenfels (TG), in Pfäffikon (SZ) and at the monastery Fahr (AG). To produce an online edition, these texts will be transcribed, text-critically secured, coded and commented, enabling both a fulltext search and keyword search for researchers of various disciplines. The almost daily records discuss the daily monastic routine, religious questions, difficulties in administration, political differences, legal quarrels, agriculture and forestry, travels, transports and many things more, all from the unique perspective of an monastic insider. They are therefore a very informative source for a wide range of research questions and provide an excellent insight into the everyday life of the early 17th century. They are especially valuable because of the detailed weather descriptions during the Late Manunder Minimum (1645-1715), one of the coldest periods of the Little Ice Age (ca. 1300-1850). The analysis of these weather observations allow for climate historical statements of a whole new quality concerning Central Europe and is of the utmost importance for the evaluation of current climate change. Other observations concerning tremors are of equal importance, as they allow conclusions concerning the tremor risk of Central Switzerland.