In the application of digital methods to research topics in the humanities, the sky is the limit. From archaeology to musicology to Islamic studies, digital projects abound at Bern. Here you find a breif overview concerning the extent of the Digital Humanities at the Humanities Faculty.

The professorship for Digital Humanities is currently involved in five different projects. Some of them are led by us, others profit to a substantial extent from our research. Their descriptions are available here

The diverse student projects in Digital Humanities are portrayed here. They serve as illustration of the varied and useful methods, techniques and research questions that a student can engage with already as an undergraduate without prior knowledge.

Finally, some of the projects of other departments are presented in more detail, too. Through these presentations we aim to illustrate the versatile usefulness of Digital Humanities and to elucidate the fact that the university is already home to a wide range of projects in many different disciplines which explicitly use digital methods or have a digital content.