Screenshot des 3D Scans "The Other Nefertiti", Projekt Nefertiti Hack überlagert mit Screenshot aus Xenofeminism (Hester 2018). Montage: Claudia Amsler

What is (or are) the Digital Humanities? What relevance do digital methods have for research in the different humanistic disciplines? Which tools and techniques that can be applied to various research questions and academic practices within the digital humanities? What does it mean to “do digital humanities” and how is the necessary data managed? And what kind of technologies and techniques caure useful for electronic publishing as a relevant form of scholarly and academic sommunication?

All these and many more questions will be discussed in the various courses of the Digital Humanities. Usually, the seminar "Introduction to Digital Humanities" and the hands-on course "Tools and Techniques for Digital Humanities" will be thaught in autoumn. They cover a wide range of issues and present a variety of useful digital tools for a multitude of research questions and academic endevours. In spring, the courses "Management of Digital Research Data" and "Electronic Publishing for Scholars" are available, which continue the education and provide further knowledge and insights into the Digital Humanities.

These courses are presented in detail here. If there are any questions concerning teaching-related issues, the people to address are mentioned here.