About Us


Welcome to the home of Digital Humanities at the University of Bern! The program was begun in August 2013 and we offer a selection of courses targeted at scholars of all levels, from undergraduates to post-doctoral researchers.

Digital Humanities research is already well-established in several projects throughout the Faculty of Humanities at Bern, ranging through disciplines such as History, Philology, Linguistics, German Studies, Romance-language Studies, and Music. Here you can find an overview of ongoing DH projects at the university.

Alongside research, teaching is also an important aspect of DH @ Bern! Here you can get a sense of how digital humanities is presented in the classroom.

Together with the Institute of Information Systems, the Program in Archival and Library Information Science, and the Swiss Post, we are also building a world-class research portfolio in the domain of Digital Information. Its aim is research on the problems of digital information in all its forms.