Transcription & Data Archiving Workshop

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Event details

Time: Wednesday, 29 November 2023 4.15 - 5.45 pm

Place: Unitobler, F-107


Join us for a workshop that tackles two critical aspects of managing audio and video data: efficient transcriptions using Whisper AI on the University of Bern's supercomputer (UBELIX) and long-term data archiving with SWISSUbase. In the first part of the workshop, you'll discover the power of Whisper AI, a state-of-the-art transcription tool that leverages artificial intelligence. Learn how to harness the processing capabilities of the University of Bern's supercomputer to transcribe vast volumes of audio and video data quickly. We will guide you through the entire process, from uploading the files to UBELIX to downloading the finished transcriptions.

In the second segment, we delve into data archiving strategies using SWISSUbase. Uncover the best practices for preserving and organizing your linguistic data, ensuring it remains accessible, secure, and compliant with the FAIR principles. As we conclude this workshop, we encourage all participants to join in an open exchange of ideas and expertise regarding linguistic tools. This collaborative dialogue provides an opportunity for everyone to share their insights and experiences, fostering a collective understanding of the diverse applications and innovations in the field. It's a chance to explore potential collaborations and enrich your toolkit for future research and projects.